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Visit Stella's Regional Fireplace Specialists for a Beautiful Gas Fireplace

Check out our selection of fireplaces that are unique and affordable, in every type and style. We welcome your phone calls and questions and look forward to meeting you too!

Wood-Burning Fireplaces

Visit Stella's Regional Fireplace Specialists if you love the look and smell of burning wood. We have zero clearance wood fireplaces to toast your chestnuts and warm your toes!

Gas Fireplaces

Stella’s Regional Fireplace Specialists carries direct vent gas fireplaces because they’re safe and efficient – any dangerous fumes are exhausted safely outdoors through vent pipes. Because they burn natural gas, most of the fuel is converted to heat. Furthermore, glass doors on these units prevent most heat loss and more of the heat stays in the home instead of escaping up the chimney. Come in to our showroom and see our indoor direct vent gas fireplaces today!

Electric Fireplaces

Electric fireplaces provide a stylish alternative to gas or wood burning fireplaces. There's a great selection to choose from at Stella's Regional Fireplace Specialists. We have several manufacturers of elegant linear wall mounted units or a timeless, classic looking log effect. Electric fireplaces with heat all provide 1500 Watts and most have two speed fans. Other options may include incandescent or LED lighting. Accent any room you want with an electric fireplace of your choice.

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