Indoor and Outdoor Fireplaces and BBQs for the Niagara Area

Indoor Direct Vent Gas Fireplaces

Direct vent gas fireplaces are advantageous on those cold Canadian winter nights because they prevent you from losing so much of your fire’s heat up the chimney. Stop heating the outdoors!

Safe and Efficient

Stella’s Regional Fireplace Specialists carries direct vent gas fireplaces because they’re safe and efficient – any dangerous fumes are exhausted safely outdoors through vent pipes. And because they burn natural gas, most of the fuel is converted to heat.

Less Heat Loss

Furthermore, glass doors on these units prevent most heat loss. Come in to our showroom and see our indoor direct vent gas fireplaces today!

Brands We Trust

Stella’s Regional Fireplace Specialists have insisted on top name brands since the beginning, because we understand that a quality home décor item pays off in the end. We’re proud to carry these brands:

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Outdoor dining set

Build an outdoor kitchen now!

Tree of Life

LOPI Tree of Life Floor Model Sale $4199.00 in Carbon Patina

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